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A Free Session after Intial Interview

Our special rates are available until SEPT. 8 2014
lock in with an agreement of 5 sessions  - $50 per 60 minute session
Plus a Free Session after
Initial Interview 
We welcome your phone call: 845-705-6471 or email: twotutors@comcast.net

Let Us Show you How to Build SELf-Confidence 
That Propels Academic and Social Success

Only in Special Education classes do you find a 2:1 ratio

We want students - no matter the age or challenge -

to feel and be successful in all their endeavors.

  • (Love  Patience) + Tools  divided by a dose  of  Hum0=SUCCESS & SELF CONFIDENCE

We have considerable experience and success in assisting students who are challenged with ADHD, ADD, The Autism Spectrum and various Learning Disabilities as well as Mainstream Students. ( Pre-k to Adult ).


We Offer


  • *We Teach: How to Read and Write, Phonics, Grammar &Spelling
  • *How To Read for Information ( A Must for New Core Standards ), We use methods THAT WORK. Our personal methods. We call it "READ And WRITE SMART".
  • *How to construct a successful composition, essay and report ( 1st grade - college ) 
  • *We Tutor Mathematics (Basics - Algebra), We take the the tears out of the New Math. K-8th   
  • Social Studies, American History, Global History, How to apply history to what is presently happening in the world and America ( How to do a DBQ Correctly )
  • Science K- 8th, How to approach Scientific concepts through visual and hands on methods
  • We teach Chess - increases ability to be successful in Mathematics
  • We teach Art- Computer graphics, graphics and How to draw a landscape - no drawing talent required. ( Create A Group or Even a Special Day ( birthday, chess or art party -3 a more constitute a group)
  • We teach Computer Basics and Programs ( Apple & Microsoft ) 
  • Study and Learning techniques for ADD, ADHD challenges
  • How to Study and produce homework that eliminates countless hours of studying (If homework is approached and completed correctly, the subject matter is actually being studied and learned on a daily basis!
  • We also offer preparation programs for Exams
    Such As: SAT's, PSATs, GED's and Teacher Examinations (L.A.S.T's)
    Please read our reviews on our website, Care.com and Angie's List.
Please Remember, you receive 2 Tutors for the one hourly fee.
 You receive a program , not just tutors!

 How Our Tutoring Sessions Work:
 You tell us how many tutoring sessions you want to sign up for- The reason we ask you to choose the amount of sessions is because we need to hold a time slot for you as well as other clients who would like to to use our services.  If you are not able to use your session that week,  you will not lose your session and it can be made up at a time when a slot opens. We will make every effort to make it convenient for you. If we go over the designated time (10 -15 minutes) there is no charge to you. If we see we need more time, we will ask your permission to continue and there will be a charge.
Your investment also entitles you to a FREE TUTORING SESSION possibly during our interview if time allows- so that you 
may determine whether it is a good fit 

Every client is treated individually.

We do NOT have a a formulaic program.
What we do offer is--- Tutoring that WORKS! 
  For Your Investment you receive: whether it is Tutoring, Group Tutoring or Exam Preparation:
  • 2 Professionals (20 years experience combined) with successful experience.
  •  An Educator and a Social Worker who  both work with you or  your child.
  • Professional Life Coaches ( teens and adults ). 
  • A program designed to teach as well as to raise the level of self-confidence that propels one to succeed.
  • Parent Support and Guidance,  Telephone and Email communication ( academic questions, etc ).
  •  We also travel to your house or local public library - gas and milage included. We don't charge you for extra milage! 
  • Tutoring on line / Telephone communication, Face Time and Email Attachments of Lessons after we speak with you directly via telephone tutoring you on the assignment. __________________________________________________________________

Our Packages: 4 or more sessions: $50 per session through April 2nd
(look for our coupon 
On website

Ask our clients - past and present  (Read our Reviews on Angie's List and our website or call them )

      -  If you need 2 Sessions in succession ( 2 hours ) same day - $100.00 
      - 4 Sessions @ 60 minutes -  $200.00      
  - 8 Sessions @ 60 minutes -  $400.00     
- 12 Sessions @ 60 minutes 
- $600.00

If you want to pay for a private session as you go, 
the fee is :  $60 per session ( pay as you go-  )

(When you are being tutored, we assist in preparing for all tests, quizzes and projects )

   Exam Preparation Rates  $60.00 for a 1 hr session.   $75.00 for 90 minute session. 

***We teach the subject material and teach you testing strategies so that
You Know How To:
  •  answer multiple choice question
  •  answer comprehension questions
  •  approach mathematics and scientific questions when taking an exam. 
  •  overcome test anxiety  
  • write an Exam Essay ( What type of essay do you have to write? How long do you have? How do you answer those questions or prompts  correctly? )  
     With a Package: ($55.00 a session & 65.00 per 90 min. session)
     * 4 - 60 minute Sessions- $220.00                * 6 - 90 min. sessions $390.00
     * 8 - 60 minute  Sessions- $440.00                 * 8 - 90 min. sessions $520.00
     * 10 - 60 minute Sessions- $550.00              * 10 - 90 min. sessions $650.00

Group Tutoring or Exam Preparation Rates
 (90 minute sessions)
( 3 or more students constitute a group )
Fee: $35.00 per student per session - no agreed upon package  

AGREED UPON PACKAGE: $30 per session ( 4 or more sessions )
  • 4 - 90 minute group sessions-  $120.00 per student     - with agreement package
  • 6 - 90 minute group sessions- $180.00 per student - with agreement package
  • 12- 90 minute group sessions- $360.00 per student - with agreement package  **===***===
Call us with 10 or more children or adults
and we will work a special rate to celebrate
Your Special Day or Celebration
    2 Life Coaches/2Tutors
Cedar Valley Pawling, NY 12564 US
Phone: 845-705-6471 Website: www.2LifeCoaches.com
2 Life Coaches/2Tutors
Cedar Valley Pawling, NY 12564 US
Phone: 845-705-6471 Website: www.2LifeCoaches.com

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2 Life Coaches/2Tutors
Cedar Valley Pawling, NY 12564 US
Phone: 845-705-6471 Website: www.2LifeCoaches.com